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About us...

Harmony Equine Therapy is run by Miss Elouise Dubrow BSc (hons), cert. ESMT. Elouise has spent the entirety of her life surrounded by horses, which fuelled her towards making them her career. Previous to completing her degree, she lived and worked on a family run stud farm in Kent. Elouise then went on to study a degree in Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation with the University of Greenwich.  Elouise completed her degree, achieving a first class honours certificate. Further to her academic studies, she became qualified in Equine Sports Massage Therapy from Equissage Europe. This qualification included learning about both the practical massage sequence on the horse and the equine anatomy.

Why choose Harmony Equine Therapy?


Currently there is no UK legislation to regulate the minimum level of qualification equine sports massage therapists must possess to class as practitioners. This can lead to low quality equine sports massage therapists, most of whom are certified with one or two day course. What sets Harmony Equine Therapy apart from other therapists is the level of experience and qualifications. 

Our practitioner Elouise Dubrow has completed the following qualifications;​

  • A BSc (hons) first class degree in Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation (University of Greenwich), one of only a few courses taught to degree level in the UK

  • A practitioners course in Equine Sports Massage Therapy awarded by the International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT), Equissage Europe

  • A member of the IAAT which requires yearly additional training to remain up to date with career progression development (CPD). 

  • Personal experience with a large variety of horses including equine athletes, leisure horses. riding school horses, thoroughbreds as well as miniature shetlands

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